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Setting up and using Repress


In my last post, I discussed the general tech stack that I’ve been using lately for Headless WordPress builds. One of the main components of this stack is Repress. Repress is a small library written by Ryan McCue from Human Made that works with Redux and allows you to access your WordPress REST API data easily and with minimum fuss. It contains a number of higher-order components (HOC) that...

Headless WordPress and the REST API


Recently I’ve spent a fair amount of time building up React websites using WordPress as the data source. This has been a very interesting period of learning for me, coming from a PHP background and as such, I’m going to write down my thoughts on the process in the hope that it can help others approaching this task!  Why go headless? In my case, the reason for going headless was...

Google Maps Smooth Zoom


I was working on a project this week that required me to zoom in to a marker on a Google map. That’s easy, I thought, there must be a method for doing that within the V3 API. I was wrong. Apparently Google are fine with adding a panTo() method for smoothly panning to a marker, but the setZoom() method re-draws the map canvas and jumps straight to the zoom level you set.“ There are a...

Daryll Doyle WordPress Development and Consultancy in Cornwall