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Why I hate the WordPress signup page


I’ve been working with WordPress multisite a lot recently and whilst all in all it’s not too bad, there is one thing that really pisses me off about it, wp-signup.php. No matter how many times I try and get my head round the contents of this file, I still struggle.

It just seems like this file is a complete cluster-fuck of functions, html and css. On top of that, I feel there are insufficient hooks and filters to allow you to customise it properly without hacking the file to pieces.

I’ve had to style up a few signup pages recently for a project of ours and it was that much of a pain in the ass, I ended up using Gravity Forms to create a custom signup page that was 100 times better looking and easier to style.

Now, I’m not saying that wp-signup.php is useless, it does it’s job and it seems to do it well, my only gripe is that it’s so unstructured and hard to customise. That’s something that can be fixed though and it’s my hope that someone will address this in time for WordPress 4.4. I think I may have a crack at it this week and see what happens, we’ll see though.

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