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Adding zoom level to Advanced Custom Fields maps.


We use Elliot Condon’s Advanced Custom Fields extensively in WordPress at work and I must say, it’s one of my favourite WordPress plugins ever made. That said, sometimes people ask for things that I just can’t work out how to do with the native plugin. Today a client asked me to allow them to set their own zoom distance on their maps. We’re using the great ACF map field...

Pure CSS Image Slider


Recently I’ve became more and more interested in CSS3 use on the web. This interest stems from the fact that more and more people are moving from using JavaScript to manipulate items on the the DOM to using CSS3 Keyframe animations and Transforms. Up until now, I have only used CSS3 for nth-child selectors¬†and other little bits, mainly leaning back on JavaScript to do the heavy lifting...

WordPress Plugin Development


A few weeks ago I was commissioned to create a WordPress plugin for a client. This plugin needed to take a feed on news from my clients website and display it on their clients dashboards. After a few searches of the WordPress directory, I couldn’t find anything suitable, to either use as as a complete tool, or as a base top develop on top of. As such, I decided that learning the basics of...

Jumping into open source – Gulp-Email-Creator


Until now, I’ve only ever dipped my toe into the open source community, adding issues there, commenting here, maybe making the odd pull request. Today, I decided to jump in and whether anything will come of it,¬†I don’t have a clue. I was sat around tonight thinking about making up some HTML emails, whilst thinking about it, I realised how bad my workflow around this is, currently I do...

Hello, world!


So I’ve just put this site live while I sit here waiting for a mate to arrive. Hopefully I’ll get round to blogging a lot more now, I keep meaning to but always forget somehow. As of Monday, I get to jump into a four month project, re-building a booking system which should be interesting. I expect I’ll write about my progress and any cool tricks I find along the way. Anyway...

Daryll Doyle WordPress Development and Consultancy in Cornwall