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WordPress Plugin Development


A few weeks ago I was commissioned to create a WordPress plugin for a client. This plugin needed to take a feed on news from my clients website and display it on their clients dashboards. After a few searches of the WordPress directory, I couldn’t find anything suitable, to either use as as a complete tool, or as a base top develop on top of. As such, I decided that learning the basics of...

Jumping into open source – Gulp-Email-Creator


Until now, I’ve only ever dipped my toe into the open source community, adding issues there, commenting here, maybe making the odd pull request. Today, I decided to jump in and whether anything will come of it, I don’t have a clue. I was sat around tonight thinking about making up some HTML emails, whilst thinking about it, I realised how bad my workflow around this is, currently I do...

Hello, world!


So I’ve just put this site live while I sit here waiting for a mate to arrive. Hopefully I’ll get round to blogging a lot more now, I keep meaning to but always forget somehow. As of Monday, I get to jump into a four month project, re-building a booking system which should be interesting. I expect I’ll write about my progress and any cool tricks I find along the way. Anyway...

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